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Welcome to, a unique, experimental web portal project designed to present a real-time, vividly detailed view into our lives, projects and multi-discipline endeavors. Constructed using our custom developed iceCAT domain engine, the portal also provides a multitude of web resources, specialized content areas and automated systems spanning a vast array of interests. In addition we also offer a fully functional, secure e-shopping environment featuring our experimental products and our roasted to order gourmet coffees.

If you are new to the domain and looking for additional information about Gary Hull or our portal see the (site information pages) for more details. For a detailed description of our iceCAT domain portal project see the iceCAT / WetCAT design page... We sincerely hope you will explore our site in detail and enjoy what has taken many years of effort to engineer and populate.

* WILDLIFE REHABILITATION TRACKING: * See status block, on right.
Our iceCAT REHAB System Nestling Red Bellied Woodpecker
* * *
* * *
Over the years Melissa and I have become increasingly more involved with the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife in our area; with our primary emphasis being on (migratory) birds and small mammals... To assist us in managing the steadily increasing number of patients we care for each year I have developed our REHABILITATION TRACKING SYSTEM. The system has been operating in it's BETA form for the past two years and contains most of our patient status records and activity logs from this period. The database is updated daily providing realtime patient information with educational content. [READ MORE]

site web cameras: Our (8+) live, refresh / streaming web cameras and video feed servers. Camera controls include server push, client pull, 30 & 10 sec java refresh and automated (2.5min. sample) archived history, operating for over 6 years. Click the composite camera image for the CAMERA OVERVIEW SELECTOR PAGE. SITE WEBCAM CONTROL PAGE

Group: 1253 View Image Group: 1253 Photo: Gary Hull Latest Photo Group: Pictures from AUG.12 TO MAY 2013, Finally posted some IPAD Photos of knife and metalwork fabrication and design from the past few months. Also posted some bag photos as well in the next group, first photos i have posted in years... Checkout our fully annotated photo media engine containing thousands of image and video files.

site news and journals: Find out whats new to the site, and read the lastest news articals and reply posts in our special interest news columns and personal journals. For a full list of columns see the SITE NEWS INDEX.

Feature Video - Harbor Zoom: My feature video this month, zooming around Charleston Harbor by myself one evening in the little boat "Pluff Puppy". Taken just before sunset. Set to the music of Michelle Shocked. Very cool feel to it. Checkout our fully produced video media engine. FEATURE VIDEO DETAIL Video: Gary Hull

Site Discussion Forum: Join our site discussion forum and read the latest posts below on interesting subjects. Also see all new site developments and bug fixes as I will be placing all new developments and repairs there. SITE DISCUSSION FORUM INDEX.

Bug Reporting and Sugesstions: Please note our site is still under development, please report any bugs or sugestions to the BUG REPORT URL. All bug fixes and reports will be posted to site help forum under BUG REPORTS. ERROR REPORTING:


FREE COFFEE GIGIVEAWAY WIN FREE COFFEE: Signup as a site member or become a webcam and/or affiliate and be instantly registered to win FREE COFFEE. A new winner each month!!! Click here for more details.
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